San Diego, CA

July 14, 2012

Band: Old Twine String Band

(Jeff Bratt, Don Noon, JoAnn Koppany, Martha Wild)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The Big Easy Becky Hill  
2 Trip to Lambertville variant Me  
3 Atlantic Mixer A.J. Hildenbrand Circle mixer
4 Flirtation Reel Tony Parkes  
5 Roll Twelve Me  
6 The Second Time Around Jim Kitch  
7 Sneak Peek Bob Isaacs  
8 Catch of the Day Me  
9 Separation Anxiety Me  
10 Partner's Delight Judy Ogden  
11 Hang Time Roger Auman and Bob Isaacs  
12 Jubilation Gene Hubert  

Lots of beginners in the first half.

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