San Diego, CA

June 1, 2012

Band: Ranting Banshee

(Carla Blackmar, Marci Phelan, Martha Wild)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Frederick Contra Tom Hinds  
2 Easy Street Bob Isaacs A1: Neighbor do-si-do, swing
3 A Piece o' Cake Carol Kopp  
4 Snow Dance Gene Hubert  
5 Untitled Me  
6 Texas Star Traditional Square. Roll-away break (see below)
7 Good Friday Kirston Koths  
8 And Another Thing Me  
9 Jamie's Jig Me Slip jig
10 Laura's Zigzag Rick Mohr  
11 Kitchen Stomp Becky Hill  
12 A Gypsy for Jessica Tom Lehmann  

The square break is a tweaking of something I've picked up, I think when Lisa Greenleaf called:

A1 Forward and back, roll away corner
   Forward and back, roll away next corner
A2 Forward and back, roll away next corner
   Forward and back, roll away partner
B1 Partner promenade to home
   Partner do-si-do
B2 Partner balance and swing

"And Another Thing" was my first attempt to make the twin dance of "A Sure Thing":

And Another Thing
by Chris Page
A1 Men allemande left 1 & 1/2
   1/2 hey (NR,WL,PR,ML)
A2 Neighbor gypsy and swing
B1 Right diagonal ladies chain to shadow
   Circle right 1
B2 Neighbor N2 1/2 clockwise pousette around partner
   Partner swing

It worked, but since it ran outside the minor set it was shaky, especially finding the correct people to circle right with in time to go all the way around. This is a nice dance, but I made a simpler version called "Trust" with the same key transition.

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