Poway, CA

May 20, 2012

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Madiera Dream Tom Senior  
2 Dover Pier Preston 1791  
3 Angels Unawares Graham Christian  
4 Knole Park Bishop 1788 called by Patrick Burns
5 The Black Nag Playford 1670 3-couple set
6 The Young Widow Griffiths 1788 Triple minor
7 The Bonny Cuckoo Gail Ticknor 4-couple set
8 Red House Young 1721  
9 A Trip to Paris Walsh 1711  
10 Farewell Marian   Circle mixer
called by Liz Tarnove
11 Jaque Latin Wilson 1775  
12 Key to the Cellar Jenny Beer Triple minor
13 Margaret's Waltz Pat Shaw done improper
14 Jamaica Playford 1670 called by Patrick Burns
15 My Lady of the Lake Loretta Holtz called by Liz Tarnove

A number of our regular dancers were off on a Ken McFarland tour, so it was a smaller night.

When teaching triple minors, I've taken to describing the switching of the twos and threes as an "identity crisis that the ones need to help them with."

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