La Verne, CA

February 12, 2012

Band: Bonfire

(with guest piano player)

(Bonnie Insull, Frank Hoppe, Jeff Spero)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Oak Hill Quickstep Bob Nicholson  
2 Bristol Turns John Nance  
3 Mash-Up Mixer Me  
4 Mundane Chain Gene Hubert Chain, right and left through swapped
5 Little Girl With the Curl Bob Isaacs  
6 Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell  
7 Butter Gene Hubert  
8 Trip to Lambertville Variant Steve Zakon Anderson B1 Women allemande right 1 & 1/2
Partner swing
B2> Long lines, ladies chain
9 The Second Time Around Jim Kitch  
10 Walk the Walk Bob Isaacs  

The band was great while doing variations and improvisations, so I let the dances run longer. In "Trip to Lambertville" I made a mistake. In worrying about too many circle lefts, I modified the dance so that the women were entering the middle with their right hands in three separate times. This resulted in confusion on the floor, where I had to keep prompting.

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