Poway, CA

January 29, 2012

Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Indian Queen Playford 1701  
2 The Mulberry Garden Playford 1670  
3 Emma's Commencement Alan Vlach  
4 Childgrove Playford 1703  
5 Jack's Maggot Playford 1702  
6 Indian Summer Elizabeth Goosen  
7 Halsway Manners Mary Devlin Three-couple set
8 Autumn in Amherst Philippe Callens  
9 Hand in Hand Gary Roodman  
10 Dunsmuir Waltz Bruce Hamilton Three-couple set
Dance of the month
11 Round About Our Coal Fire Richard Bride 1766  
12 Barbarini's Tambourine Walsh 1741  
13 Mr. Isaac's Maggot Playford 1698  

Starting up on the 2012 San Diego ball. Slots 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, and 10 were all from the ball program.

I tried a new way of teaching the Dolphin Hey in Halsway Manners. In this case, I just had woman two do the heys for three with the sides, so the sides could understand how the heys worked. Then I added in man number two.

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