La Verne, CA

June 12, 2011

Band: FreeFall

(Jim Kosinski, Patty McCollum, Barbara Whitney, John Rogers)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Queen's Quadrille Jerry Helt Square. Beth Molaro variant
Circle left and swing corner break.
2 Forward Up Six and Six Fall Back Traditional Square.
Shoot the Moon (Gene Hubert) break.
3 Patience Me Advanced version
4 Trip to IHOP Danner Claflin Men and women swapped in A2.
5 Slice of Life Bob Isaacs  
6 Yarn Dance Me  
7 Jess's Reel Me  
8 Hobo III Tom Hinds Square. Allemande x break.
9 Sweet Treats Bob Isaacs  
10 The Summer of '84 Gene Hubert and Steve Schnur  
11 The Missing Piece Bronwyn Woods  
12 Yankee Reel Ted Sannella  
13 Half a Slice Bob Isaacs  

A small dance, as noted by the number of unplanned squares in the first half.

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