Sam Hinton Folk Festival, Poway, CA

June 5, 2011

Band: Ranting Banshee

(Martha Wild, Marci Phelan, Carla Blackman)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Rural Felicity   Longways set
2 Virginia No Reel   Longways set
3 Black Cat Mixer Martha Wild Circle mixer
4 Family Contra Sherry Nevins  
5 Tecumseh Dillon Bustin Cis Hinkle variant, replacing half figure eights with leads and casts
6 Margate Hoy Traditional Triplet
7 Polka Contry Traditional Becket longways
8 Puce Set One Martha Wild  
9 Wave of Tory   Longways set
10 Salmonella Evening Louie Cromartie and Steve Zakon-Anderson  

A two-hour family dance at a small local folk music festival. There were some of our regular dancers, plus a few outsiders that drifted in and out.

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