San Diego, CA

June 3, 2011

Band: Flight Path

(Rick Johnson, Chip Sanders, Kellyn Sanderson)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Oak Hill Quickstep Bob Nicholson  
2 Thanks to the Gene Tom Hinds  
3 Ladies Chain Circle Mixer Me Circle mixer
4 The Carousel Tom Hinds  
5 Follow the Leader Ted Sannella Square.
Break: "Shoot the Moon" by Gene Hubert
6 Criss-cross Heys Bob Isaacs  
7 Pearl Anniversary Whirl Mike Richardson  
8 In Jig Time Me Slip-jig
9 Flip-Flop Cary Ravitz  
10 Fool Around for Lori Me  
11 Star Trick Cary Ravitz  
12 Walk the Walk Bob Isaacs  

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