Poway, CA

Shared ECD evening with Ellie Konitshek

May 22, 2011

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Caller Variants/comments
1 Mendocino Redwood Elizabeth Zekley, Mary Devlin, & Bob Fraley Ellie  
2 The Hop Ground Preston 1794 Me  
3 Astoria Lass Fried de Metz Herman Ellie  
4 Epping Forest Playford 1670 Ellie Big circle
5 Bar a Bar 1718 Ellie  
6 Strawberries and Cream Colin Hume Ellie 3-couple set
7 Autumn in Amherst Philippe Callens Ellie  
8 Benjamin's Birthday Gary Roodman Me  
9 Hazelfern Place Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett Ellie  
10 Winter Oranges Carl Dreher? Ellie  
11 The Pursuit 1719 Ellie  
12 Felicity Colin Hume Me Four-couple set
13 Gentleman's Delight Philippe Callens Me  
14 Elverton Grove Walsh 1712 Me  

An emergency last-minute calling gig to fill in for a scheduling mishap. Ellie did the programming, I ran the sound system and helped call some dances. We both called favorites we knew well.

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