San Diego, CA

April 9, 2011

Band: Whirled Peas

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The Bride's a Bonny Thing David Smukler  
2 Daddy's Little Girl Chart Guthrie A2: Gypsy and swing partner
3 Eleanor's Mixer Me  
4 Butter Gene Hubert  
5 Star at the Sides Tony Parkes Square, ladies center/gents sashay break
6 Chinese New Year Me Becket version
7 Marjorie's Half Century Burn Merilee Karaminski  
8 Wander Rings Me  
9 Sarah's Journey Gene Hubert  
10 The Road Retaken Me  
11 The Miller's Daughter Jim Kitch  
12 Mirror, Mirror Jim Kitch  

The Road Retaken
Chris Page variant of a Kathy Anderson dance
Improper, wave of four, right to neighbor, women in middle
A1 Balance wave of four
   Walk forward to wave of four with N2
   Balance wave of four
   Neighbor N2 allemande right 1/2, walk back to N1
A2 1/2 hey (ML,PR,WL)
   Neighbor N1 swing
B1 Men allemande left 1 & 1/2
   Partner swing
B2 Circle left 3/4
   Pass through
   Neighbor N2 do-si-do 1 & 1/4 to wave of four

A variant of "The Road Less Travelled" by Kathy Anderson, adding a neighbor swing and elimanting the men allemande right/swing transition.

The problem with the above dance is the reverse progression is indecent. If a couple immediately trades sides after the first progression in the A1, trouble will quickly ensue, especially since the next move is a half hey, and a confused couple could keep getting kicked out to the top of the set. This isn't a major problem, but there's no need for this dance when there's dances that progress to a hey indecently, like "Winter in Summerland" or "Window Shopping."

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