Poway, CA

May 2nd, 2010

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Morgan Rattler Moore-Ridgely 1790s  
2 Elverton Grove Walsh 1712  
3 The Flying Sorceress Kalia Kliban  
4 Fenterlarick Joyce Walker  
5 Randolph Farewell Fried de Metz Herman 3-couple circle
6 Ramblin' Rosie Gary Roodman  
7 Terpsicourante Gary Roodman 4-couple set
8 Red House Young 1721  
9 Wakefield Hunt Thompson 1779 Triple progression triple minor
10 Shepherd's Delight Hilary Herbert 3-couple set
11 Vivaldi in Paradise Gary Roodman  
12 Fireflies Fried de Metz Herman  
13 Room for Ramblers Walsh 1719  
14 Lilliburlero Playford 1690  
15 Honeysuckle Cottage Gary Roodman  

As it was the day after our 2010 ball, I did dances from our 2009 ball, with a few from the 2008 program (Elverton Grove, Lilliburlero, Honeysuckle Cottage).

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