Poway, CA

March 7, 2010

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The Ragg Neal 1726  
2 Well Hall Playford 1686 called by Marcee Chipman
3 Polka Dots   Five-person set
4 The Collier's Daughter Young 1728  
5 When Laura Smiles Orly Krasner  
6 A Trip to Tunbridge Preston 1793 3-couple set
7 Good Man of Cambridge Gary Roodman  
8 After Dinner Maggot Gary Roodman Triple minor
9 Four Corners Mary Devlin 3-couple set, Dance of the Month
10 Filigree Rosemary Loch  
11 Elverton Grove 1712 Walsh called by Marcee Chipman
12 Peace Be With You Fried de Metz Herman  

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