Poway, CA

February 21, 2010

Band: Pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 The First of April Thompson 1780  
2 Draper's Gardens Playford 1709  
3 Sol Assembled Martha Davey  
4 Bare Necessities Pat Shaw 3-couple set
5 Salute to Preston Brian Wedgebury  
6 Smithy Hill Tom Cook  
7 Jack's Maggot Playford 1702  
8 Key to the Cellar Jenny Beer Triple minor
9 Gentleman's Delight Phillipe Callens  
10 Treasure of the Big Woods Joseph Pimentel  
11 Noisette Phillipe Callens  
12 Pat's Tradition Cor Hogendjik 3-couple set
13 Candles in the Dark Loretta Holtz  
14 The Young Widow Griffiths 1788 Triple minor
15 Angels Unawares Graham Christian  

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