Santa Barbara, CA

January 10, 2010

Band: Chopped Liver

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Teaching Swing Contra Ginger Alberti  
2 Easy Street Bob Isaacs A1: Do-si-do, swing neighbor
3 Give & Take I Larry Jennings  
4 Catch as Catch Can Bob Isaacs  
5 333 Steve Zakon-Anderson B1: Women allemande right 1&1/2
    Swing partner
B2: Ladies chain
    Star left
6 Blurring the Lines Me  
7 Return Engagement Me  
8 Binary Shift Bob Isaacs & Me  
9 Sanders' Swing Me  
10 The Summer of '84 Gene Hubert & Steve Schnur  
11 Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell  

(The drastically revised 333 was due to two reasons -- the B1 was changed because of too many swing/circle/swings. The B2 was changed to something I saw Scott Higgs do, as there were very few dances in the first half with courtesy turns.)

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