San Diego, CA

November 20, 2009

Band: The Remnants

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 ABC Erik Hoffman Changed order of B1.
2 Puce Set Two Me Variant of Martha Wild's "Puce Set One."
For teaching a draw pousette.
3 Delphiniums and Daisies Tanya Rotenberg  
4 Box 'em Back   Square, becoming scatter mixer.
Grand right-and-left break.
5 Fiona Storming Across Asia Susan Kevra  
6 A Gypsy for Jessica Tom Lehmann  
7 Pivot Pousettes Me Four-face-four
8 Weeks on the Road Bill Olson  
9 Reel to Reel Cary Ravitz  
10 Old Time Elixir #2 Linda Leslie  
11 Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell  

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