Poway, CA

November 8, 2009

Band: Community band/pre-recorded music

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Freeford Gardens Kathryn & David Wright  
2 Trip to Paris Walsh 1711  
3 Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz Preston 1801 Waltz replaced by half pousette+half draw pousette
4 Knives and Forks Playford 1726  
5 Autumn in Amherst Phillipe Callens Dance of the Month
6 Felicity Colin Hume 4-couple set
7 Jaque Latin Wilsim 1775  
8 Liliburlero Playford 1690 called by Marcee Chipman
9 The Phoenix Rejeuvenated Pat Shaw 4-couple set
10 The Hole in the Wall Playford 1698 called by Marcee Chipman
11 The Black Cat Brooke Friendly & Chris Sacett  
12 Mr. Isaac's Maggot Playford 1698  

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