San Diego, CA

Pat Shaw workshop with Martha Wild

July 25, 2009 (afternoon)

Band: John Flavin and Todd Martin

  Dance Name Author Caller Variants/comments
1 Pine Needles Pat Shaw Martha Wild Variant with the orbiting in the A's
2 Winsor Knot of Ruby Hue Pat Shaw Martha Wild 3-couple set
3 Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee Pat Shaw Me 4-couple becket mixer
4 The American Husband Pat Shaw Martha Wild Unique formation
5 Halsway Sicilian Pat Shaw Me  
6 The Real Princess Pat Shaw Me 4-couple set
7 Nan's Waltz Pat Shaw Me  

A second afternoon workshop based on the dances of Pat Shaw. Pat Shaw was an English Country dance composer who wrote a number of unique dances in the American dance style. Levi Jackson Rag is the most famous, but there are many more. If you're looking for unusual material, especially for contra weekends, his books make excellent references. See the May 24, 2008 program for the previous workshop.

All sicilian circles were converted to improper formation, except for The American Husband.

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