Poway, CA

December 7, 2008

Band: Kathleen Sand and Janet Parish-Whitaker

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Freeford Gardens Kathryn & David Wright  
2 The Rakes of Rochester Johnson 1748  
3 Childgrove Playford 1703 Cecil Sharp version
Double figure eight in B2
4 I Care Not For These Ladies Kitty Skrobela Circle mixer
5 Irish Lamentation 1735  
6 Kelsterne Gardens Young 1727 3-couple set
7 Fenterlarick Joyce Walker  
8 Peace Be With You Fried de Metz Herman  
9 Saint Margaret's Hill Playford 1710 Bernard Bentley interpertation
10 Gentleman's Delight Phillipe Callens  
11 Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee Pat Shaw 4-couple set
12 The Duke of Kent's Waltz 1801  

Many of the dances were for the upcoming Jane Austen ball in Pasadena.

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