Brentwood, CA

August 23, 2008

Band: Steve Shapiro, Emil Olguin, Kurt MacInnes

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Complimentary Contra Gene Hubert  
2 Mundane Chain Gene Hubert  
3 The Chiropractor's Rag James Hutson  
4 Do-Si-Do And Face the Sides Ted Sannella Square HHSS, then HS as keeper
5 Quick Spin Carol Ormand Four-face-four
6 Mad, Mad World Martha Wild  
7 Contra Canon Me Four-face-four
8 Heart of Glass Cary Ravitz B2: Slide left, circle, swing
9 24th of August Tom Lehmann  
10 Two-Way Street Bob Isaacs Lisa Greenleaf variant

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