Cottonwood, Arizona

Noon to Moondance

July 19, 2008

Bands: Updraft, Sandia Hots

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
ECD session (12:30-2:00) with Updraft
1 The Hop Ground Preston 1794  
2 Angels Unawares Graham Christian  
3 Gentleman's Delight Phillipe Callens  
4 La Gavre 1777  
5 Heartsease Playford 1651 2-couple set
6 A Trip to Paris Walsh 1711  
7 The Duke of Kent's Waltz 1801  
Contra session (8:15-9:00) with Sandia Hots
1 Kathy's Smile David Smukler  
2 You Can Get There From Here Linda Leslie See the video.
3 Here and There Me  
Contra session (11:15-12:00) with Updraft
1 Round the House Bob Isaacs  
2 Splitting Hairs Me  
3 Heart of Glass Cary Ravitz B2: Slide left, circle left 3/4
swing neighbor

A multi-caller day-long event of mostly contra. Only my parts are listed in detail. The other callers were Deb Comly, Peg Hesley, and Wendy Graham.

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