San Diego, CA

May 24, 2008

Band: Ranting Banshee

  Dance Name Author ECD influences
1 Puce Set One Martha Wild Pousette
2 Catch a Falling Star Melanie Axel-Lute Hands across stars, turn single
3 Flirtation Reel Tony Parkes Hey, gypsy
4 Kitch as Kitch Can Bob Isaacs Mad robin
5 Tapestry Erik Weberg A1&A2 from "The Dancing Wife"
6 A Good Feeling Bill Pope Orbiting from "Fenterlarick"
7 Kinematic Vorticity Carol Ormand Gating
8 Heather's Cookie Martha Wild Pousette/hey transition from "Companions"
9 Beneficial Triplet Al Olson Triplet, derived from "Pat's Tradition"
10 Windup Your Neighbor Me Draw pousette, two-hand turn
11 Yearning for Peace David Smukler Adaptation of "Peace be With You"
12 Handsome Young Maids Sue Rosen "Dublin Bay" figure, cloverleaf turn single

As earlier in the day we did a Pat Shaw workshop, I decided to do all dances that used elements or pieces of English Country Dancing. I couldn't fit in all the material I wanted to use (having to leave out "Goodman's Fancy" hurt), and really could have expanded this by another hour. Fitting in sufficient swings and courtesy turns was tricky.

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