San Diego

March 28, 2008

Band: Ranting Banshee

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Frederick Contra Tom Hinds  
2 Green Mountain Wedding Ted Sannella?? Long lines replaced by star left
3 Basket Chase Me Scatter mixer
4 Two-hand Turn With Hey Becky Hill  
5 The Stellar Husband Scott Higgs  
6 Deer Park Lancers Square Tony Parkes version
Grand right and left breaks
7 Cheat the Lady Traditional  
8 You Can Get There From Here Linda Leslie  
9 Money Musk Traditional Triple minor
10 Silver Anniversary Reel Jim Kitch  
11 Take Some of the Credit Me  
12 Ted's Triplet #3 Ted Sannella Triplet
13 Star Chase Al Olson Triplet

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