San Diego

February 1, 2008

Band: Flight Path

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Oak Hill Quickstep Bob Nicholson  
2 Mundane Chain Gene Hubert A2: Courtesy turns swapped
3 Pride of Dingle Ken Alexander Longways set mixer
Significant modifications
4 Old Time Elixir #2 Linda Leslie  
5 Slice of Life Bob Isaacs  
6 Sam 'n Abby's Mark Richardson Square bHHbSSbHSb
Changed to keeper:
C1 Allemande left corner, swing partner
7 Carol's Reel Me  
8 Quick Spin Carol Ormand Four-face-four
9 Old Ebenezer John Nance  
10 Huckleberry Friend Myra Hirschberg & Tom Calwell B2: No balance
11 Catch a Falling Star Melanie Axel-Lute  

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