San Diego, CA

October 26, 2007

Band: Flight Path

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Lady of the Lake Traditional  
2 Handsome Young Maids Sue Rosen  
3 Untitled Me Experimental scatter mixer
4 Eleanor's Reel Bill Olson  
5 Coray's Silver Jubilee Carol Ormand Four-face-four
6 Butter Gene Hubert  
7 Jess's Reel Me  
8 Petronella Traditional All four active in A1 & A2
9 333 Steve Zakon-Anderson B2: Do-si-do replaced by allemande left
10 Texas Star Traditional Square, with petronella-themed break
11 Untitled Me Rendezvous variation
12 Al's Safeway Produce Robert Cromartie  

We were being taped for a local tv news segment, which influenced some of the programming choices.

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