San Diego, CA

January 19, 2007

Band: Ranting Banshee

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Teaching Swing Contra Ginger Alberti  
2 Here's to the Ladies Christine Hale  
3 Bloom 5 Al Olson Four-face-four
4 Slice of Life Bob Isaacs  
5 Star on the Sides and Star in the Center Ralph Page Square
6 Princeton Petronellas Bob Isaacs  
7 Laura's Zigzag Rick Mohr  
8 Money Musk Traditional Triple minor
9 Coray's Silver Jubilee Carol Ormand Four-face-four
10 24th of October Don Lennartson  
11 Dance All Night Rick Mohr Four-face-four
12 De Martelly Dudley Laufman  

A four-face-four themed evening.

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