San Diego, CA

December 9, 2006

Band: The More the Merrier (Community Band)

  Dance Name Author Variants/comments
1 Dog Branch Reel Bob Dalsemer  
2 Common Courtesies Me  
3 Fun Dance for Marjorie Bob Golder  
4 Aurora Mary Devlin Alternating, allemande is 1 & 1/2
5 Square Affair Becky Hill  
6 First Night Quadrille Bob Dalsemer Square
7 Chasing Fire Grant Goodyear A2 Men cross first
8 Mare's Pond Linda Leslie  
9 A Bevy of Butterflies Bob Isaacs & Me  
10 The Caller's Choice Leif Hetland Alternating, flutterwheel replaced by gent's chain
11 Waltzanella Me Waltz contra

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